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5 Time Consuming Tasks You Can Outsource To A Virtual Executive Assistant

Virtual executive assistants can allow CEOs, directors and senior executives to focus on what really matters. Outsourcing your daily or monthly administrative tasks to experienced professionals, can give your time back to hone in on business expansion and progression efforts. Needless to say, executive assistant support can be crucial to professional and business success. 

Here are our top 5 time-consuming tasks that high-level professionals and business owners, can outsource to an online executive assistant (also known as EA):

  1. Diary & Travel Management

Many of you know what it’s like to have a complex, overwhelming diary filled with meetings, follow ups, travel and so on! Outsourcing this task means your appointments will be appropriately scheduled, prioritised and confirmed on your behalf. Important reminders, last minute cancellations and calendar changes will be taken care of, so you are never unprepared or inconvenienced. Moreover, an experienced assistant will manage your travel plans from beginning to end, ensuring you have sufficient time to fulfil your commitments.

  1. Responding to Emails & Phone Calls

As a high-level professional, we know your phone never stops ringing and your inbox is everyone’s favourite place to be. Luckily, online EAs can handle this responsibility with professionalism and efficiency. These individuals prioritise emails and calls according to importance and urgency, redirect communication to more suitable sources, and so on. Furthermore, assistants respond to emails on your behalf so that you can channel your efforts into bigger-picture matters.

  1. Meeting Scheduling & Minutes

Imagine the hours you could save if you didn’t have to worry about scheduling upcoming meetings and jotting down meeting minutes. Well, it’s a lot, and that’s what makes EA support so great! Outsource this time-consuming task that prevents you from focusing on big ticket items and optimally engaging in meetings. This way, you can allow yourself to be fully present when meeting with clients, colleagues or other senior professionals.

  1. Creating PowerPoint Presentations & Excel Files

Online assistants can also support busy professionals by creating PowerPoints and Excel files that are sitting on your to-do list. Whether this is part of your daily administrative tasks, a monthly report or for an upcoming meeting, this is a great time-saver! Virtual assistants will be responsible for these tasks once well-versed on your structure, setup and formatting requirements. By outsourcing this task, CEOs and directors can focus more on expansion and progression.

  1. Business Expense Management

Although not a replacement for a bookkeeper, accountant or tax professional, EAs offer stabilising support in expense management. They’re an administrative ally that possess necessary budgetary skills and basic financial acumen needed to oversee expense and receipt management. However, this requires a large amount of trust between the EA and high-level executive. We suggest outsourcing to an experienced professional from a trusted and leading executive assistant agency!


In conclusion, the purpose of EA support is to ease administrative burdens and serve as an extension of CEOs, directors and senior executives. At Easy Assist, we handpick virtual assistants that are perfectly skilled and experienced in areas that you need specific support in. 

Let us take responsibility for time-consuming administrative tasks so that you can focus on what really matters to you and your business. Allow yourself to be fully present and centred on progressing your career and your company further! 

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