How To Become A Virtual Assistant: Training Tips & Opportunities

A virtual assistant offers support to professional and businesses using technology to perform various tasks remotely in an efficient manner. Virtual assistant skills include communication, time management, bookkeeping, information technology proficiency and making successful career out of it. 

Here are our top 5 suggestions that will put you on the right path to becoming a great virtual assistant:


  1. determine which administrative services you will offer

Before creating your skills base, it is important to determine the type of services you can offer professionals and businesses. For example, you should think about whether you would like to support a business, start-up, entrepreneur of professional. Then, you can determine which industry and core competencies within this space you can focus on. With each decision, you need to look deeper – think about internal business operations, areas of growth and scalability, and so on. Once you have a clear idea of what you want to offer as an online assistant, we suggest tailoring your skills to support it.


Now that you know who you want to help and how, the focus shifts to assessing your skills and experience. Spend some time thinking about what your ideal client is likely to look for in a virtual assistant, and write these points down. Go through the list of skills and determine which you already possess and require more effort. To build your virtual assistant skills, we recommend taking online training courses that you can complete at your own pace. This will help you acquire crucial skills such as communication, time management, bookkeeping, information technology proficiency, project management and so on.

  1. create an online presence for yourself 

After identifying your ideal client and growing your skillset, the next step is to build an online presence for yourself. Promote your service, display your skills and find opportunities to expand on your experience in the industry. Start by drafting a compelling portfolio that explains how you can assist professionals and businesses with their administrative tasks. Build your online presence with a dedicated social media account, a website or even an online profile. This will assists you in connecting with potential clients.

  1. find entry-level, freelance positions to gain experience

You will now find yourself in a position to network – attend events, reach out to business that may need your services and start generating work! Whether this entail completing a singular administrative tasks for a client or working part-time for a business. This step is crucial in gaining experience in the virtual assistant world, which will make you appear more attractive to prospective clients and agencies. Ensure that throughout this phase, you  are continuously assessing the previous steps and altering it accordingly.

  1. look for virtual assistant job opportunities 

Once you have grown within the field, you would have acquired sufficient experience and several skills in being an online assistant. This is a great position to be in, as you can start to look for more permanent job opportunities. For example, you could join a virtual assistance agency or find a full-time position with a professional or business. This is becoming increasingly sought after, especially since the world has adapted to working online. Grab this opportunity with both hands, and make your mark as an online assistant!

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