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Virtual Assistants for Everyone

Have you ever noticed a gap between the things you have time to do and the things you need to get done? Or maybe that the mundane things you need to accomplish just aren’t worth your time but, of course, still require doing? A virtual assistant might just be the person you need.

The term “assistant” can sound daunting and expensive, but what if there was a solution for that? Easy Assist is a UAE based startup that can help you find the right virtual assistant on need basis, allowing you to choose the between hourly work or based on a specific skill and adjust your workload accordingly. In this article, we’re going to look at three things that a virtual assistant can help you with.

Personalized Service

A virtual assistant can work as a part time personal assistant service. Set them up as a phone answering service and all of the sudden, you’re not screening your own calls. Not only will it be incredibly official and professional touch for the callers, but also will assure you are not spending time on unnecessary calls. Additionally, your virtual assistant help you plan your day and arrange call backs for all the missed but important calls. This is just one example on how having a virtual assistance can add value to your day.

Doing the Easiest and Most Repetitive Task

Many business owners are aware that they need help but they just don’t know where to start. Virtual assistants can accomplish a lot of different things; however, they might actually be best utilized for the most repetitive tasks you have to deal with. Examine your day and figure out which tasks are occurring both every day and are the easiest. Those selected jobs that fit that criterion are things that you should outsource to your virtual assistant first. Just by doing this, quite literally, you can buy valuable time back into your day.

For instance, your virtual assistant can do something like take down customer information and input it in order to fill customer orders. Data Entry jobs, in most cases, requires little to no specialized skill, is a time-consuming job, and is something that a virtual assistant could take a whole day (if you choose) and complete the entire job for you.

HR Administration

Falling in line with the virtual concept, you can even look at HR outsourcing as an option for your ever-growing business. Even if only a phone line, having a different voice within your operation to address HR concerns to, is so important! Not only does it give your employees a person to go to that doesn’t just feel as though they’re running to you; a virtual HR Assistant can help you arrange employee matters, track employee leave, arrange letters, and even sort through on and off boarding for you. This saves you time as you will no longer be bombarded by employees’ queries.

If any of these matters resonate with you, you can reach out to Easy Assist. Their goal is to make the option of having a virtual assistant feasible for everyone; and to fill in the gap between being a one man show and hiring an entire team.

It’s important to remember that one of the top pieces of advice from successful business executives is to learn the very crucial principle of delegation.

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