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Are you a busy professional, CEO or director who could use corporate support from a virtual executive assistant?

We are here to provide you with the best Virtual assistance experience in the UAE. Our Virtual Executive Assistants have over 10 years of experience working locally and internationally with directors/VPS and CEOs. Our executive virtual assistants are ready to take on your time-consuming tasks and administrative tasks, so you can focus on what really matters. By working at a very interactive level, we will become an extension of your office. Whether it is scheduling meetings, inbox managementorganizing travel plans or travel arrangements, our VAs will ensure all of those details are taken care of, with a high level of efficiency. You’ll have access to an elite level of service from highly skilled professionals with years of experience working in high-level positions for companies all over the world.

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A Personalised Virtual Assistance Experience

Flexible hours that can be catered to your needs
Hire a Virtual Executive Assistant with 10+ Years Experience
Access to an elite group of virtual assistants
Lean and professional way to outsource work
Get results without compromising on quality
UAE Standard Working Hours
Unmatchable communication skills

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We work smart, so you can work smarter.

in Dubai UAE? Travelling for business across the Middle East? You won’t find another company out there, offering this level of expertise, experience and quality at such an affordable price point. We know how important every minute is when you are running a business, which is why we strive to deliver exceptional results in record time without compromising quality or attention to detail. If this sounds like something that you would benefit from, get in touch today! 

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Time is precious invest wisely

Let our virtual executive assistants do what they love to do,
so you can do what you love to do!

Virtual assistants are skilled assets that organise your chaos with their corporate support services

Managing Partner


With tenure of a decade in Human Resource Management in various companies in the UAE and India, Arpita’s expertise lies in handling an extensive range of HR Functions. As a mum of two, Arpita is known to always look for the humor in every situation life throws her way and knows best to ‘pick her battles’. As a result, she carefully chooses to invest her energies only where she sees value coming through. Arpita believes that in order to attain success; one can do anything, but not everything and so she doesn’t shy in asking for help when required. She is most passionate about her friends and family and draws strength from her relationships.





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“Behind every successful & happy business owner is an amazing virtual assistant.”

Rosie Shilo

A Virtual Executive Assistant in Dubai for all your needs!

We strive for perfection

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At Easy Assist, we make it our business to grow your business. By eliminating tasks that do not directly contribute to the growth of your business, our trust-worthy expertise along with flexible working hours are proven to be significantly more cost effective than hiring in-house full-time employees. We provide clients with the flexibility to choose between various packages of skill level, services, working hours and more.

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Why would I need a Virtual Assistant?

You need a virtual assistant to save you time! When you hire one of our VA’s, they will provide administrative support for all the different tasks that are time-consuming for you, allowing your company to focus on what matters.

How does your company work to ensure that my needs are met?

We have a team of virtual assistants to provide high-quality administrative support. We can handle all your time-consuming tasks and make sure that your company’s needs are our top priority.

What is an interactive level?

We provide a personalized approach and focus on every detail ensuring all VAs are qualified for your project with years of experience working in high-level positions for companies all over the world. All our Virtual Assistants undergo continuous training and this is an ongoing process that includes feedback from you, which ensures they are up-to-date on latest technologies and developments happening in their niche area. Our VAs interpret your needs from an easy-to-understand perspective with real understanding of language assets,

What is involved in inbox management?

Inbox management is not just about deleting or reading email messages but also analysing them, deciding if they are important and when they should be opened. Additionally, when an email is opened it can come from any device so there has been a shift from traditional desktop to cloud computing in order for professionals to always have their emails available on the go.


“Posh Event Rentals LLC
We used Easy Assist to carry out a major clean up during the pandemic downtime. They were very effective in creating methodical and sustainable filing systems for our office files, employee records, etc. They also carried out a sorting of our inventory database, clients, and vendors database. All the tasks assigned to them were duly carried out with minimum supervision.”
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Mayur Patel
General Manager
“Being a UAE Business Owner who is not always in the country I use Easy Assists Concierge service to get tasks done on the ground that I’m unable to complete from overseas. They are highly efficient, friendly, and the process is very simple. ”
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Stacy Elizabeth Sharp
“Anjana felt like part of the team, Easy Assist definitely found me the perfect candidate for the role and has been a rock over the past few months. Easy Assist also gave detail analysis on hours and kept me in the loop to ensure we were not over or under using our VA. ”
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Hayley Clements
General Manager PRCA MENA

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