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Company VALUES

At Easy Assist, our aim is to offer invaluable customized services for you and/or your business by providing remote administrative support for a diverse range of ongoing and ad-hoc tasks.

 is to create a seamless work experience that is run virtually with our expertise for individuals, entrepreneurs, SMEs and corporates alike by providing a range of customized executive assistant and HR services.

is simple – to make life easy. By offering top quality service, we assign clients a personally vetted, experienced Virtual Assistant without the peripheral cost of hiring a full time resource.

We pride ourselves on being:

Honest & Committed.

Consistent & Vigilant.

Proactive & Persistent.

With a focus on:
Research & Collaboration.
Adaptability & Improvement.

THE MASTERMINDS BEHIND EASY ASSIST virtual assistant services

Time is precious invest wisely

Let our virtual executive assistants do what they love to do, so you can do what you love to do!

Virtual assistants are skilled assets that organise your chaos through corporate support services

Managing Partner


Alyson came to Dubai as a young adult and instantly fell in love with the city. Since then, she has gathered a decade worth of experience in the UAE by working as an Executive Assistant and an Office Manager. She knows the value that a business can gain by staying focused on growth, instead of operating within it. Alyson lives by her Scottish values of creating a happy and grounded life and measures success not only by money earned or possessions gathered, but by having new experiences, travelling without bounds and building long-lasting relationships. 

Managing Partner


With tenure of a decade in Human Resource Management in various companies in the UAE and India, Arpita’s expertise lies in handling an extensive range of HR Functions. As a mum of two, Arpita is known to always look for the humor in every situation life throws her way and knows best to ‘pick her battles’. As a result, she carefully chooses to invest her energies only where she sees value coming through. Arpita believes that in order to attain success; one can do anything, but not everything and so she doesn’t shy in asking for help when required. She is most passionate about her friends and family and draws strength from her relationships.

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